[Haven] When the sun goes down

Tell the Story | And Her Name Was Audrey Parker [Haven]

For the 14th Round at 20inspirations, the challenge was to Tell the Story. So I give you the story of Audrey Parker! Featuring a wee bit of Nathan Wuornos because he's important in her story.

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It is very hard to make icons when your trackpad won't stop jerking around! More time was spent yelling at it than actually making these icons. These are technically late but I wanted to finish them.
[Haven] Raincoat face!

Ask the Maker

Ask The Maker || My Thread

Ask away if you have questions about any of my work or processes, etc of anything I've done on my tumblr and/or here and I'll try to compile a post and answer anything and everything here that takes a lot of explaining. Simple questions I can answer in the thread I've linked to. Have at it.
[Fr] They say it's your birthday!

20inspirations, Fringe S2 Rainbow

For Round 13 over at 20inspirations, and the round called for us to pick a round prior we hadn't done before. So I chose the 6th round because it was a RAINBOWWWWWW ROUNDDDD. And I made a rainbow from season 2 of Fringe. A glorious season of Fringe, one I will admittedly choose to rewatch more than s3 or s4, while those are great I just can fall into any episode of that and not feel completely heartbroken in the worst way and feel like my soul is dying. Plus season 2 was what really sold the show the most for me, not that wasn't smitten from the pilot and also stan for s1 but most of my favorite episodes are in s2 and it's vastly overlooked. So. Onwards.

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Could have been more rainbow-y, but I tried my best.
[SGA] Gun? Check.

51 icons with some chevrons locked and guns cocked

And also two Fringe wallpaper-y things.

1-6 Stargate: SG-1
7-13 Stargate: Atlantis
14-25 Stargate: Universe
26-39 The Wire
40-51 Southland

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So many of these are so old. Why don't I post more? Oh, right. I know. Because nothing codes all this for me. All this copy/pasting is making my eyes go wonky. Anyway. Stargaaaaaaaaaates. Sometimes I hold my DVDs and weep that there wasn't at least 2 more SG1 seasons or 5 more SGA seasons. ALSO NO MORE MOVIES WHATSOEVER, WHYYYYYYYYYY?!

Also. Southland and The Wire. Two wonderful shows more people should watch. Southland's fourth season starts on TNT in January and I think you should all watch the first three seasons before then. It's only 23 episodes total! And The Wire is a finished HBO show of epic proportions. I would icon it more in the future if I wasn't lazy or if people said they were interested in more. Show be pretty, yo.
[Fr] Contemplate.

Fringe icons that total 47 for the extra geek kick

I finally posted, what a miracle. I tell you what, there needs to be a way to just mass copy links from Scrapbook so I don't have to copy/paste all of them. I'm so lazy, geez. Anyway, some of these are soooooooo old. Obviously, as I made them last summer or throughout during season 3. Ha ha ha. I'm so good at this posting icons thing.

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And a bonus crack icon, from my Eleven Jalapeños Tumblr, wherein I edit the Observer into random screencaps from various shows. Because I'm a troll.